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Let's address the elephant in the room- operations management. Rather than relying on multiple tools to run one business, we built an all-in-one system to improve organization, speed up acquisitions and allow you to focus on what’s important. Automatically. 

Our Story

Wholesaling - The Start

Like many we began in wholesaling but as we grew and became more productive we quickly began to experience the pains of a growing business. You can hire assistants or you can improve your systems. We chose to adapt to customizable CRMs and real estate agent programs to help us stay organized but we soon realized that we were really trying to make them adapt to our business. The results created a ceiling to our success. 

Investing - The Dream

Everyone wants to invest in real estate and so we started buying. We immediately hit snag that easily could have been avoided. We realized that communication, budgeting and tracking our progress became our biggest obstacles. You can use spreadsheets, rehab programs or a contractor who makes a lot of promises, however we learned that what we needed was one system to communicate as a team and track our progress. With that a custom CRM began coming to light. 

Real Estate Brokerage - The Business

While you don't need to be a broker or licensed agent to use REI Stream it was where we chose to go. We started a real estate brokerage called Mitchell Dean Realty for fellow investors. Finding a collaborative software to support our business was near impossible. The proposed system needed to track deals, help evaluate them, provide tools, automations and be able to coordinate transactions with enough detail for the strict rules surrounding a brokerage. We altered our custom program and rebuilt until we had something that accelerated our business and was easy enough for anyone to use, licensed agent or not. We spoke to our investment network and realized we weren’t the only ones who needed such a system. We decided to package it and make this system available to everyone and thus REI Stream was born.